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Industrial rotary brush

Straight brush strips are locked into an aluminum core to form a rotary brush with a paddle-wheel effect. This construction creates a flicking action and allows the brush to conform to irregular surfaces. 
The design allows easy brush installation without removing the drive shaft or bearings.
This brush can be used for sweeping, conveyor cleaning, metering flow and many other washing and cleaning applications. Various core sizes and densities are available to suit your specific requirements

Materials for brushes: PA, PBT, PE, PP, PVC, steel wire, copper wire, Arenga engleri, horsehair and various animal hair and vegetable wool.
Wire diameters of materials: For PA, PBT, PE, PP and PVC the maximum diameter is 1.2mm; for copper and steel wire the maximum diameter is 0.5mm; and for vegetable wool and animal hair the maximum diameter is 1.5mm.

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